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Morning Sickness

You've heard of morning sickness, maybe you're even experiencing it right now. If you are, or if you have, you know how debilitating it can be. Let's discuss a little bit about what it is, and how you might be able to find some sweet, sweet relief.

Morning Sickness is also known as Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy (NVP) or Hyperemesis Gravidium (HG). NVP is experienced in nearly 80-90% of pregnancies. Symptoms may begin before a missed period, although it is most common to begin experiencing symptoms starting at 5-6 weeks through 12-14 weeks. HG occurs in a very small percentage of pregnancies, but if you experience more than 5% weight loss in a couple of weeks and are unable to keep food or water down, or experience dehydration, it's important that you seek medical attention.


If you're experiencing morning sickness and ended up at this blog post, chances are you're in desperate search of some relief. Here are some ideas for keeping your morning sickness at bay:

  • Eating something before getting out of bed, especially protein like nuts

  • Small, frequent meals to keep blood sugar stable

  • Acupressure (such as wearing wristbands) or Acupuncture with a professional

  • Aromatherapy including peppermint, lemon, and ginger

  • Eating/drinking peppermint, lemon, or ginger flavored items

  • B6 supplements or taking OTC antihistamines & motion sickness meds (ALWAYS check with your midwife/OBGYN before taking any new supplements)

  • Change the timing of prenatal vitamins, or try a different brand

  • Extra rest, staying hydrated & avoiding triggers

Recommended Products

Here are some products that are designed to help with morning sickness. If you're a client and in the area, let me know if you'd like to try one of these, I may have free samples, free coupons, or a discount code available.

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